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Why isn’t homicide justified when it concerns your employees?

Okay, so I’m actually joking with the title of this blog! But do you sometimes really want to just explode with frustration at your staff? You know when they aren’t doing the right things or working together as a team, or worse…blatantly doing the wrong thing because it´s the way they want to do it?

The good news is, that most businesses, regardless of their unique circumstances, find themselves facing similar hurdles when it comes to staff performance. It’s like there’s a playbook of employee mischief that they all read! However, homicide is not the solution!

There is a way to overcome these hurdles, and that´s what this blog is all about. The secret? Going back to basics. Yes, sometimes, to improve staff performance, you need to strip things back and address the foundational issues. You need to get to the root before your workplace can flourish, and here´s how.

Strategies to improve staff performance and build a positive work culture

Every business and every team have their own particular circumstances and issues, but equally, most have similar problems. This means that there are common principles that need to be put in place to improve staff performance.

If you´re thinking how to address this in your business, you need to go back to the basics and get your business doing these things better. Here are five things you need to implement to create a strong foundation:

1. Rules, Procedures, and Training

Imagine playing a game where no one knows the rules. Chaos, right? That’s precisely why clear rules, well-defined procedures, and adequate training are non-negotiable! It’s the trifecta that sets the stage for staff to shine and excel. 

2. Values

Every business, big or small, needs its own set of values. It’s the compass that guides actions and decisions, shaping the culture and vibe of the workplace. 

You can’t just speak of values though, you have to live and embrace them! As the team evolves, it’s like a values-refresh – revisit, realign, and rekindle the spirit that makes your business uniquely yours. 

3. Communication and Feedback

Communication is crucial to any relationship, and the workplace is no different. A successful workplace needs to have strong communication and an open forum for honest and constructive feedback. You can guarantee a team that feels valued and listened to will be far more productive than those who are not. 

Remember, you need to explain Responsibility, Accountability, Expectations and Consequences. Your team will need performance measures too (KPI´s) so they can see, track, and monitor how they are doing. This is especially important for an individual’s performance too.

4. A Shared Vision

A team without a shared vision is just pure chaos! Communicating business plans and sharing the vision isn’t just about transparency; it’s about turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team. Remember, a team isn’t born; it’s nurtured, and encouraged to work together.

Quick tip: The bigger your business gets, the harder this becomes, and, the more the ‘why and how’ of what your values do needs to be work-shopped and explained to your team. Also, as your staff changes, your values will need to be revisited so that new team members can understand and accept them too.

5. Positive Staff Morale

Staff morale is the invisible force that can make or break the rhythm of the workplace! It’s like the weather; when it’s sunny, everything blooms, but when it’s stormy, brace for impact! 

A quick tip? Create a culture of appreciation! Recognise achievements, no matter how small, and watch the positivity flourish. 

Improve staff performance and watch your business grow

A strong foundation keeps the house standing, not to mention, it will improve staff performance. So next time you´re feeling frustrated at your employees and are ready to blow, check you have the basics in place.

  • Do you have rules, a staff handbook or policies, and procedures, so everyone knows “how to get stuff done” and “how we do it here”?
  • Have you trained your staff to work to the standards you expect?
  • Do you have a set of values in your business that your team buys into?
  • Do you communicate and give feedback to your staff regularly?
  • Do you communicate your business plans and involve your team to share in your vision and its success?
  • Are your staff happy? As this will permeate everything your business does.

Feeling frustrated with your staff?

If you like the sound of changing this but are not sure where to start, we can help! Reach out to us at [email protected] and book a call to take that first step.

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