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Why Businesses Need to Keep a Scrapbook

If, like a lot of business owners, you are trying to change and improve your business for the better, then you will be working at improving all sorts of processes, procedures or strategies within your business.   And equally probably you will sometimes punch the air as you have a success, and be down in the dumps when something doesn’t work.

And – and I feel this is really important – I think you need to keep a business scrapbook: a list of what you have tried, and what worked and what didn’t.  

Every business owner knows that you need perseverance, to keep plugging away at working on the business and improving it.  So often it really is two steps forward and one step backwards in terms of business improvement.  One of the problems here is that we like success and don’t like failure.  What’s more, failure so often seems to be the thing that happens most – which is why you need the list, either to remind you that you do have wins, or to show you how much you have done – even if you haven’t hit that sweet spot yet!   I think that this is actually really useful as otherwise you can’t see the progress you are making!   You need the lists and notes to make change visible and to provide that crucial reassurance that you are making progress, even it it doesn’t always feel like it!

…are you keeping a list, log or scrapbook of what you do and what works and what doesn’t? If not, now is the time to get started.

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