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How to Kickstart Your Year – 4 Productivity Tips

The first quarter of the year is when you can develop good habits. It’s where you can lay a solid foundation for the year going forward. So, whether you want to be more focused or productive or more intentional with growing your business, now is the time to really kickstart the year. Although we aren’t back to work as usual yet, we can still achieve better productivity. Here are four productivity tips to help you do just that.

1 – Know what you want to be different 

Look at how you currently work. What tasks do you do that don’t really need to be done? What high-value tasks can you do instead? When are your quieter times where you’re not busy and vulnerable to distractions?

If you think about what you want to change so that you can start the year right, your intentions will be clear going forward, and you’ll be far more likely to achieve what you want.

2 – Note the habits you’ll need to change

When you know your intentions (i.e. what you want to change), you then need to think about what action you will take. What steps do you need to take every day? Do you need to break bad habits that waste time and create new ones, or do you just need to adapt them?

For example, if you want to develop a habit to do business development every day, try to link this to another habit that you already have. Something like, every morning after I get a cup of coffee and switch on my computer, I will do 10 minutes of engagement on LinkedIn. 

3- Prioritise the right priorities

Use your time wisely. Prioritise the tasks that give you the most bang for your buck or the essentials that usually get pushed further and further down your to-do list. Plan your work for the next few months and start getting ahead. 

You can even use some time to build those all-important relationships with your network. Ring up your best clients to find out how they are; let them know that if they need anything from you, they can give you a shout. 

4 – Don’t forget to look after yourself

Yes, this is a productivity tip. Make sure that you are looking after yourself: you’re sleeping well, exercising often, eating and drinking healthily, and are taking enough breaks. Make sure to switch off after work and over the weekends. If you don’t, you may get overwhelmed and potentially burn yourself out after a few weeks or months. Instead, you should use this time to implement some self-care elements into your routine that you can carry throughout the year.

Find out what works for you. Maybe it’s writing down a few things that you’re grateful for at the start of every workday. Maybe it’s going for a walk at lunch or the gym after work. Whatever helps you to focus when you’re working and switch off when you’re not, you need to make these a part of your daily work routine. What you’ll find is that you’ll transition into a much healthier way of working where you’re far more productive. 

Would you like to hear more productivity tips, about freeing up your work time and concentrating on those high-value activities? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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