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Get Going in Business

Five Simple Steps to Get Going in Business

As we come out of lockdown and into what is expected to be a busy growth period for business and the economy I am getting lots of call from people who are setting up a side hustle or full time new business.

So here are my first 5 steps to get going and start your own business.

1)             Unless you are planning to startup a big business, set up as a sole trader, as it’s simple and easy (one form with HMRC).  

2)             Yes, you need a separate business bank account.  Get a Starling or Tide bank account. 

3)             How do you make it easy for customers to pay you? Get a Zettle or Square card reader.

4)             Businesses need to keep businesslike records – link your bank account and card reader to Xero cloud bookkeeping software.

5)             Charge more rather than being cheap!

These 5 steps will mean that you are good to go when starting up in business and are nicely professional when it comes to giving out invoices or taking money.

Of course, there is more that can be said and actually I’ve got lots of other advice if you are interested – in which case click to meet me

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