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VAT Sanity Check

Why should I get you to check my VAT return as I do all the bookkeeping?

Some businesses get their accountant to deal with their finances and paperwork, but what if you do this yourself?  Should you get your accountant to check your VAT return each quarter?  After all you’ve done all the hard work…well, let me tell you about our VAT ‘Sanity Check’.

Yes, we appreciate that many of our clients do their own book-keeping and keep their records up to date. This is great as you can go at your speed and manage your own deadlines – plus in some cases, you can save by doing this yourself. But do you not worry whether you have put things in the correct box on the VAT return – and what if you could get more VAT back?   We carry out a VAT Sanity Check, you get some inexpensive peace of mind!

What is the service that we offer?

For a small fee, we will check the VAT for you before it is submitted and make sure that everything mentioned above is in the right place and you can get as much VAT back as possible, and send you a report of any changes if appropriate.  If you use Xero or QuickBooks Online cloud software then this is a really affordable cost.  Why not ask us for more detail?

What is it that we check?

  • We check the VAT return and the various boxes and the numbers behind them.  We know the differences between when something should be No VAT, exempt  or Zero rated. Whilst there is no money value on these and you may not have any money to come back, are you sure which box they should be shown in and even whether it should or should not be on the VAT return? We are confident of the disclosures and know when something should be on the Return, and when it doesn’t need to be disclosed.
  • To reclaim any VAT, you should have the original VAT receipt, preferably a proper VAT invoice.  Sometimes a shorter receipt or even a till receipt can be accepted without requesting a full VAT receipt. Our team are experts in this! We know which receipts are short or full and when you need to know the difference, reducing the need to repay the VAT to the taxman later if the wrong one is used.
  • We check items where you don’t have any receipts- as we know the rules for what you can claim and when!  Also, we can help with claiming VAT on mileage rates paid to employees.

Ready to get some VAT return peace of mind?  Get in touch now and ask about our VAT Sanity Check.

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