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JVCA Three Questions for Every Business

Three questions every business owner should ask!

Lots of business owners aren’t doing the right things by themselves or their businesses – so here are three questions to identify where you are … and get some clarity.  For most business owners it is easy to get sucked into doing the wrong things, ie ignore important things in favour of just getting on with the simple stuff.  Others might be feeling overwhelmed and lost in the huge amount of stuff to do.  Sometimes just getting clarity is enough to make a difference – other times you need a business adviser to help make a difference.   Answer these questions honestly and make a start on getting focussed on what is important!

Answer three questions to see if they provoke some thoughts … or to ask for help!

1 – What problems are you putting up with?

This is where you start to self-diagnose yourself! It’s very easy to just put up with things! But they don’t go away. In fact they just drain your energy. What little (or big) thing are you putting up with at the moment instead of taking action to resolve?

2 – Are you laser-focussed on what you need to achieve?

Are you focussed on the right things or have you allowed your planned priorities to slide by chasing after shiny new ideas, or coasting to just get by?  Do you have written-down plans with priorities for this quarter? If you do, are you currently working on any ideas that don’t help you achieve those priorities?

3 – What stinging nettles are you not grasping?  

We all put decisions off – what decisions are you postponing?  Maybe you have an irrational hope that the problem will somehow resolve itself?  Maybe you are still ‘getting round to it’?  Or are you so wrapped up in dealing with the day-to-day that you haven’t got time or headspace?  List your issues as a first step in just getting on with them! 

Why am I asking? Because these questions, and the answers, are things we help our clients to get to grips with.  An important first step in enjoying your business more is being honest, and using these questions to help keep you on track.   If you want to discuss your answers, or would like our help in resolving the answers to these questions, then just get in touch!

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