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Sun, Sand, Sea, and VAT Returns as a Business Owner!

Did you get a holiday this year?  Have you had a great summer? … Or not? Being a business owner is meant to make life better not worse, so how’s that working out for you? Have you had a sun-kissed holiday, or have you not managed to get away?

If you got away, were you counting the pennies or taking that expensive helicopter ride and enjoying that great view, just because you could?

Do you have a better life as a business owner than you did as an employee? Are you having more holidays, more money, and less stress, or is everything the wrong way around?  A lot of business people get one or two out of three but have yet to get all three. 

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“So how do you get some or all of these desirable advantages of being a business owner?”

All great businesses have things in common; profitable work, organized systems and processes, teams, and leaders. Of the three, profits are the key. Without profit, you don’t have the cash to achieve anything.  So profit is the first thing to review in your business.

Well, saying all this is hardly rocket science, is it? But stating the obvious is actually important because quite often going back to the basics of business is necessary. 

For example, cash is king, and profits produce cash. So how profitable is your business? Is it generating enough cash to pay for that helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or not? 

If your answer was ‘not’, then fix it. Start by looking at how much you charge, your true level of costs and profits (or losses!) … and review what is a reasonable charge. Frequently, I find that the answer to making enough profit is to start charging more.

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How can we help you as a business owner?

“Change is always hard, but if you want more from your business than you have got previously, then you have to change!”

And that’s where I can help you. If you want to change your life and business and need help making it happen then give me a call on 01234 752 566 or email [email protected]

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