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Property finance and tax for Landlords Workshop

Are you a landlord? 

Would you like to be a landlord? 

Do you know someone who is a landlord?

Then we have a seminar for you.

If you or someone you know is interested in maximising their gains (and minimising their tax bills) when it comes to rental properties, even during this turbulent economic climate, book your ticket now.

Discover everything you need to know about property in the current climate

We all need support to be our best selves, whether that´s in business or our personal lives, and it’s especially true when it comes to finances. After all, the right advice and expertise and the right support and opportunities can help propel you forward beyond where you thought it was possible. 

With that being said (and because we are sticklers for providing value), we are running a seminar specifically for landlords to help them navigate the current rocky rental market successfully.

Attend our Property Finance and Tax Seminar

Right now, with the carnage in the mortgage market and rising interest rates, everyone needs the help of a real expert. And we have two!

David Holley is an experienced mortgage broker (although he describes himself as an insurance and mortgage tailor!). Just as the best suits are tailored to fit the individual – so are the best insurance and mortgage deals! He shares his expertise in everything property finance, including how to navigate the best mortgage and finance deals for you.

Jonathan Vowles is a senior partner with JVCA the friendly accountants, and he´ll offer extra value to the seminar. Bringing expert advice on property strategies and tax, he will explain financing in the current market and how to minimise your property tax bills.

If you want to find out the latest in property finance options and strategies, and gain some tax tips and thought-provoking rental strategies, this mini-masterclass is for you.

Attend our Property Finance and Tax Seminar

November Workshop :  
Property finance and tax for Landlords

Holiday Inn MK East
Sunday 20th November    at 2 pm – 5 pm
How much? £15
Presented in conjunction with:
David Holley

Find out the latest in property finance options and strategies, as well as some tax tips and thought-provoking rental strategies. This seminar is aimed at landlords and is presented in conjunction with David Holley, an expert property finance broker.

Get your tickets here:

Taking action leads to success

These seminars and workshops are packed with value, value that will help your business grow at a time where it needs to the most. We hope to see you there as taking action leads to success!

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