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Looking After Yourself and Your Business is Important

Whether it´s the run-up to a busy trading period, the launch of a new product range, or simply the pressures of running a business and dealing with cashflow issues, being the boss is just as much about this as it is taking time to look after your own mental well-being.

Why do we say this? Because there are always external pressures being put on the boss! Just think of the last couple of years alone. The after-effects of the pandemic, increasing interest rates, economic downturns, customers going out of business, staff wanting pay raises, and equipment breaking down…all have a significant impact on your mental health as a business owner. Therefore, if you don´t take care of yourself, you can´t take care of your business.

I already know what you´re going to say, “I don´t have time to look after myself!” but here´s why it´s important and how to do it. 

Prioritising “mental fitness”

Running your own business is akin to an obstacle course where hurdles pop up when you least expect them. Economic downturns, staff demands, and the occasional equipment malfunction are just a few of the hurdles you might face, and all of these pressures can have an impact on your health – so you need to make sure you are at your fittest!

Just as we need to exercise to keep our body fit, we also need to look after our mental health. This means having a dedicated care routine, where you carve out quality time for yourself AND quality time with your business.

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You know that you need to take time for yourself and your family, to regularly do the things you enjoy. Whether that´s a park run or cooking together, it´s essential to set boundaries between work and personal time to achieve that all-important balance. So why don´t more business owners do this? And why don´t they extend this to their business, where they take some time to review and reflect?

The answer often comes down to time and prioritisation.

Crafting your mental health toolkit

To help you prioritise self-care and carve out some quality time with your business, here are a few things you can do:

Set boundaries: It’s crucial to delineate where work ends and personal life begins. This might mean turning off email notifications post-work hours or designating ‘no-work zones’ at home. Remember, being ‘always on’ doesn’t equate to productivity.

Find your joy: Regularly engage in activities that please you, be it a hobby, exercise, or simply reading a book. These are necessary diversions that recharge your batteries.

Recognise pressure vs. stress: Pressure can be a motivating force, a deadline that spurs action. Stress, however, feels overwhelming and constant. Recognising this difference can help you manage your reactions and seek solutions more effectively.

Time block deep-thinking time: If you feel like you never have time to work on the business, start blocking out time on your calendar. Find what works best for you, such as an hour or two every morning or a couple of hours on a Sunday – this is what we mean by quality time with your business.

The power of support

Running a business isn’t always smooth sailing – in fact, for lots of business owners, it is rarely calm. But when you’re the boss, who can you turn to?

A trusted business advisor: a reliable advisor can be your sounding board, offering fresh perspectives and solutions to business challenges.
A mental health professional: Recognising when you need help beyond business advice is crucial. Mental health professionals can provide the tools and strategies to navigate through tough times, ensuring you come out stronger on the other side.

It´s okay to have some stress in your life. We all know that running a business is stressful and, indeed, many business owners thrive on a manageable amount of stress. Sometimes, however, you need to recognise the difference between pressure and stress.

Pressure tends to be short-lived and goes away, leaving you with normality. If you are under pressure and need help with your business, a business advisor can help you work through any challenges and give you actionable steps to take.

However, if you always feel down, anxious or stressed, it´s affecting your daily life and it´s not easing, then it’s time to seek professional help. You could be chronically stressed or even clinically depressed, rather than just stressed.

Embrace balance

Most business owners want relief from the stresses and strains of running a business, so if this is you, start focusing on balance. Carve out time for your family, time for yourself, and quality time with your business. This may seem counterproductive, but it is actually the key to getting the perspective and clarity you need to plan for the future and move your business forward. Remember, this self and business time is not an indulgence. You owe it to your business, your employees, your family and, most of all, to yourself.

Who will be on your side?

Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s about equipping yourself with the best resources to ensure both you and your business thrive. And that´s where we come in.

At JVCA, the friendly accountants, we have helped many of our clients get quality time with their business. Acting as their trusted advisor, we regularly take time to review their business and provide them with the perspective and clarity they need to come back to their plan refreshed and energised.

Ready to carve out some quality time with your business? Contact us at [email protected] to book a meeting, and we´ll help you take that first step towards a balanced and successful business journey.

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