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JVCA Pricing FAQ’s

Is changing to use JVCA lots of hassle? –there is a some simple forms that need to be completed, but actually once you have signed up we ask you for the name of your current accountant and get the information to deal with the change direct from them.  Meaning less hassle for you.

When signing up, what paperwork is involved?   The first item of paperwork is our contract or letter of engagement and fee proposal.  Then once you have signed up to be a client we need to obtain information about you on our client questionnaire including a proof of address and identity. Note if you have a corporate body, ie trust, partnership or company, then we will need details of the Shareholders/Partners/Beneficiaries and the Directors/Trustees.   It is often helpful to have the details of close family members as well.   It goes without saying that all of your information is kept strictly confidential.

How do we meet up?  Is distance a problem?   We can deal with our meetings using Zoom or other digital ways, so no distance from the office is not an issue.  Although, sometimes, there is no substitute for a physical meeting.  Pandemic lockdowns excepted, we can organise face to face meetings at our office and would be pleased to brew you a cuppa.

Your prices feel expensive!  – We recognise that some people might not be able to afford our prices.  But having compared our prices to others we know we are reasonably competitive.

I’m on a monthly payment package and want to move on, can I just stop paying? Obviously we don’t to loose our relationships with our clients, but understand that people want change for many reasons. If you do decide to move on, we will complete a fees reconciliation of the services that you have had to date compared with the payments that have been made and may ask for the difference.

Not sure you want to use apps like Xero and Dext?   Research shows that business owners who use modern tools, like the various software apps we recommend, are more successful than ones who don’t.

Not sure if you want us to do your bookkeeping?   Our package prices don’t include bookkeeping as standard to give you choice.   But if you are thinking of doing your own bookkeeping remember it normally costs 3x as much to fix mistakes afterwards than it does to pay for a quality service the first time around!

Why do your clients keep coming back year after year?  Obviously because of our choice of drinks and biscuits!   Not sure that’s enough of a reason?   Well, we think that lots of our clients use us because of our advice.  Our holistic and commercial view of finance, tax and business – and as a result our pragmatic and practical help and advice that makes a positive difference.  We really can help you to get the freedom and funds to live the lifestyle you want!

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