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It’s Official: Modern Digital Apps are Good for your Business!

HMRC have published research (Kantar Public, 3 February 2022) showing the impact on business of using digital record keeping apps like Xero.   What did they say?

1)      Businesses using Excel and a bridging software said it doesn’t provide any benefits to the business and ended up costing them in hassle, time and money.

2)      Businesses using a digital app said they had additional benefits which far outweighed the costs.  The benefits were time saved, better confidence in the numbers, greater insight into their businesses and better financial control.

The learning point from this survey is easy to spot: digital apps are good for your business!  If you haven’t already changed, it’s clearly time to make the change to a proper modern digital app, like Xero.  Who wouldn’t want more confidence in their numbers and better financial control, as well as saving time and getting great insight into your business!

If your business still uses Excel or a desktop software like Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop, then maybe you should come into the digital age!   If you are interested in finding out more, read our recent article about the best options out there – then talk to us about your options and how it might make your business better.  [email protected]

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