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How to Avoid Frustration with Under-performing Staff

Do you ever feel like you are building up frustration with your staff? You know when they aren’t doing the right things or haven’t been joined up or they haven’t been thinking straight… or worse, blatantly done the wrong thing?

So how can you address this in your business?

Well, every business and every team has its own particular circumstances and issues but equally, most have similar problems. This means that there are principles that need to be put in place and these are:

  • Rules, procedures, and training
  • Values
  • Communication and feedback

I may not be telling you anything new, but if you are getting frustrated at your staff then you need to go back to basics and get your business better at doing this stuff. There are some important points along the way.

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Staff growth

If you have a) rules, staff handbook or policies, and b) procedures – think of both ‘how to get stuff done’ and ‘how we do it here’ processes.  Then have you actually trained your staff in them? Because you can’t enforce and encourage following the rules if they don’t know what they mean and how to make them work. If you haven’t trained your staff then don’t complain if they don’t work according to your standards!

Every business needs to have its own set of values and ideally, your team needs to buy into them by being part of formulating and agreeing on them. The bigger your business the harder this becomes, and, the more the ‘why and how’ of what your values do needs to be work-shopped and explained to them. Also as you have staff changes so they need to be revisited so that new team members can understand and accept them.

Communication is a big key here, as is feedback.  Remember you need to explain Responsibility, Accountability, Expectations, and Consequences.   Do you have business statistics, ie Key performance indicators so that you have something the team members can see, to track and monitor how they are doing? Especially if these KPIs relate to the individual’s performance.   

In particular, make sure you communicate your business’s plans and get them to share in your vision and its success. Your staff won’t become a team without you pushing them to work together.  

Feeling frustrated with your staff and like the sound of changing this but not sure where to start, well we can help.   Get in touch and book a call to make a start.   [email protected]

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