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Say goodbye to sky-high merchant fees with Fumopay

Are you fed up with sky-high merchant charges to take payments? I know I am. Businesses have enough expenses, so recently, I´ve been looking for ways to get a more cost-effective service without compromising on service and convenience.

Long story short, I came across Fumopay! And I was thrilled to find that they are way cheaper than my old payment services supplier. Not only that, I was so impressed, that I wanted to spread the word and help others benefit from this service too.

Want a better way to take money? Find out more and make your own account.

The evolution of merchant payments

We live in a technology-driven world, one which moves on all the time. I remember when I got my first business card machine back in the 1990s, which seemed like a revolution compared to its predecessor. But over the years, the cost of accepting card payments has continued to increase – to the point where it is now averaging 1.75% of sales!

Just like the original Nokia phone I had back in the 90s has been replaced by newer and smarter phones, payment processing technology has also evolved and moved on, and Fumopay is the latest generation of newer and smarter ways to take payment.

Why choose Fumopay?

If you haven’t already, then now is the time to check out Fumopay. Why? Well, Fumopay was created to be the antidote to the pain and aggravation of taking debit cards through the currently flawed merchant payment services. 

Here are a few reasons why you should check it out:

  1. It’s cheaper—Forget those sky-high merchant charges! Fumopay is so much cheaper than old-fashioned merchant card services, as the basic monthly charge for most businesses is just £5.75 per month. Less than £6 per month rather than hundreds of pounds per month! How does that compare to what you are paying at the moment?
  1. Reduces card fraud—No more fraudulent transactions and the resulting chargebacks against your business! Because Fumopay utilises biometric payment security, it has to be the customer and not a fraudster who makes the payment. The customer uses their face ID or fingerprint to authorise the payment using their mobile phone: no more cloned cards or fraudulent transactions causing unexpected losses.
  1. Instant funds—No more waiting days or even weeks to get settlement payment from the merchant service provider. Fumopay is a nearly instant payment service—exactly how fast depends on the speed of your bank’s computer system, and typically, payment is somewhere between 30 and 120 seconds. Yes, seconds…not days! Imagine the impact of reducing your merchant charges and having instant access to your business sales can have on your cash flow. 
  1. Accounting integration—Fumopay links to Xero accounting software which helps in two distinct ways:
  • First, it matches the payment with the invoice being paid, making it easier to keep your books current.  
  • Second, when you send an invoice through Xero, the software includes a ‘pay now’ button on the invoice, making it super easy for your customers to pay using Fumopay.  

Need help setting up Xero? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

  1. Reduce your admin burden—Accepting card payments requires compliance with Payment Security Standards, which can mean extra costs and hassle just to process payments. Fumopay eliminates this inconvenience. 
  1. Greater security—With Fumopay, your business doesn’t store any card details from sales; all payment information remains secure with the customer’s banking app. This means no more need to shred card receipts or turn off call recording. Essentially, you have no security concerns.
  1. Use online or in-store—Your customers can use Fumopay for face-to-face or online transactions.

Sky high merchant charges are a thing of the past with Fumopay

As you can see, the antidote to all the cost and aggravation of a flawed card payment system is to start using Fumopay. With direct bank-to-bank transactions, minimal risk of fraud and instant access to funds, Fumopay offers a simpler, more secure and cost-effective solution for your business.

Put simply, it is better for your business and better for your customers!

Ready for a better way to get paid? Sign up for Fumopay today.

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