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Drop in to our Software Surgery

Have you ever just wanted to ask a question about Xero, or any of the other apps you use in your business?   Well, as part of our drive to encourage and help our clients to get the most out of their accountants – and their accounting software, we are running a monthly drop-in surgery so that you can get your questions answered.   This software surgery takes place on the second Thursday of every month.
Which apps are we talking about?  Well, obviously Xero, but also Receipt Bank, Go Cardless, Stripe, Fluidly or Hub Doc.  Also, other apps that you can use to help streamline your business like Mailchimp or Calendly.
You probably already know that we provide training on Xero, Receipt Bank and other apps.  It might be that you want to book some training time for some help in greater depth but, if all you have is a quick question, then start off by checking in to our software surgery.
Right now our software surgery is an online meeting via Zoom.   As we come out of lockdown, then it will also be a physical meeting and further information about that will be provided as things change.
What are the dates? 

DateTimeMeeting IDPasscode
 Apr 8, 2021                   3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
May 13, 20213:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Jun 10, 2021 3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Jul 8, 2021   3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Aug 12, 2021 3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Sep 9, 2021  3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Oct 14, 2021   3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Nov 11, 2021 3:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Dec 9, 20213:00 PM864 5894 73032490
Jan 13, 20223:00 PM864 5894 73032490

What is the link?
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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