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2021-05-13 Apps

Digital Apps are Good for your Business

Global research shows that small business who have 5+ business apps are doing better than those who have not adopted and adapted to digital technology.

Xero, the small business bookkeeping software company, carried out the research comparing businesses who have adopted 5 or more digital apps to those who haven’t.   The results really do speak for themselves!     They show that sales didn’t decline as much and subsequently grew more quickly during the pandemic, and that the same happened with the jobs those businesses provide.

If app-using businesses are doing so much better, then why?   Well part of the answer is that businesses who have embraced digital technology can outperform those who haven’t because they are more flexible and nimble. 

They can maintain a range of operational functions regardless of access to the physical office or not – great during a pandemic, but what about under normal conditions?  This is where I feel compelled to say yes!  Using apps in your business helps in lots of ways.  Obviously quite how using apps will help your business depends on your business and the apps that you choose.   The thing to remember is that apps are just tools.  If you are using the best tools for the job, then the job always works better.

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