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Business Support Seminars 2022/23

We all need support to be our best selves, and it’s the same in business. After all, the right advice and expertise and the right support and opportunities can help propel your business forward beyond where you thought it was possible. 

With that being said (because we are sticklers for providing value), we are running a seminar and workshop programme for 2022/23, where we provide you with many opportunities. From thriving during the recession to business planning for a successful 2023, here’s what we have coming up on the programme.

Find out how to prosper in a recession by finding the opportunity in adversity

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Why are we doing this?

As the nights start to close in and the inflation rate keeps creeping up, I thought, “what can we at JVCA, the friendly accountants, do to make a difference to our clients and contacts?”  The answer is this monthly programme of events designed to cover areas of business and personal wealth where a little knowledge and expertise can make a difference!    

As many of you know, I love talking – but each event will be presented in conjunction with a local expert in their field. This ensures that you’re getting the best expertise in each area because we really want to help you make a difference.

The programme

Business growth is so much more than just winning new business

September Workshop :   Business Growth Strategies

How to prosper in a recession by finding the opportunity in adversity.

Reserve your spot
Where?   The Holiday Inn in Milton Keynes 

When?     Wednesday 28th September at 2 pm – 5 pm

Presented in conjunction with: Jo Sahunta
A regionally known business coach with lots of successful experience and knowledge to pass on.
Reasons to attend:

✔️ Network with other like-minded business owners
✔️ Learn the business growth strategies that are proven to work for your industry
✔️ Understand the ONLY 5 pillars that will underpin the growth of your Business
✔️ Create a Roadmap to get the Business you want, if you’re not already there, yet…
Suitable for business owners who:

✔️ have the hunger for the next stage of their business growth, and are prepared to work for it
✔️ have at least one full-time member of staff, who’s not a Partner or a Director
✔️ have profits of at least £50k per annum
✔️ (and the BIG one)… have the faith and inclination to invest £25+vat to secure your seat

(why only £25??… very interesting, will share when & if I get to see you..)
October Workshop:   
How to buy and sell companies

Heald Solicitors, Bletchley 
Thursday 13th October    at 12 pm – 2 pm
Presented in conjunction with: David Dees from Heald Solicitors

David Dees, Healdlaw’s M&A partner, will give some expert tips on the legal aspects, whilst Jonathan Vowles from JVCA will give some financial and tax tips. This seminar is a lunchtime one and includes a free buffet lunch.
November Workshop :  
Property finance and tax for Landlords

Holiday Inn MK East
Sunday 20th November    at 2 pm – 5 pm
Presented in conjunction with:
David Holley

Find out the latest in property finance options and strategies, as well as some tax tips and thought-provoking rental strategies. This seminar is aimed at landlords and is presented in conjunction with David Holley, an expert property finance broker.
January Workshop :  
Business planning for 2023

Holiday Inn MK East 
When?     Tuesday 24th January 2023    at 2 pm – 5 pm

Give your business a January boost by Business Planning for a great 2023. This could be where to pick up from the business strategies and how to implement them in your business, or just getting your big picture idea down on paper with some actionable steps you can implement.

The programme continues into 2023, but details of these events are to follow as dates and topics are finalised.

September 28th2pm – 5pmBusiness Growth StrategiesHoliday Inn MK East
October 13th12-2pmHow to buy and sell companiesHeald Solicitors, Bletchley
November 20th2pm – 5pmLandlords: Property finance and taxHoliday Inn MK East
24th January 20232pm – 5pmBusiness planning for 2023Holiday Inn MK East
22nd February2pm – 5pmTax saving with Pensions and InvestmentsHoliday Inn MK East
March TBCUsing Xero for Making Tax DigitalXero HQ in MK
April TBC
June TBC

Taking action leads to success

These seminars and workshops are packed with value, value that will help your business grow at a time where it needs to the most. We hope to see you there as taking action leads to success!

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