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Read our Autumn Budget 2021 booklet

Yes this references Chancellor Rishi’s speech (obviously) but actually this booklet is more about the various tax rates and bands and is split up into sections to make it easier to see how you are likely to be affected by the changes to tax over the coming year.   All the tax rates and bands he didn’t put into his speech, plus those he did,  brought together to make sure that you are able to see the full picture of taxes for 2022/23.

Click this link for the booklet JVCA Autumn Budget booklet 2021

Checkout the contents, so you can get straight to the useful information you need.

Contents Page
Personal Tax 2 – 4
Employment 5 – 6
Business 7 – 10
Capital Taxes 11 – 12
Other Matters 13 – 14
Rates and Allowances 15 – 16

Of course, if there is anything you have questions about then please get in touch with the office on [email protected]

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